First, I should start with a shamener (it’s an opener but when I shame myself for skipping this regular writing exercise last week). This is a reminder to myself that I, Katya, slacked last week. I justified it as “not in the mood” at first, then came the usual “no inspiration” and last nail in the coffin was “I’m not obsessed with anything this week”, all of which were either a lame excuse or simply untrue.

I always need to get something off my chest. This week in “3 things I can’t stop thinking about” obsessions is all about my…

One is an accident, two is a coincidence BUT ALSO the first step towards three. Welcome to the second installment of my attempt to get some things off my chest and avoid getting kicked out of group chats for talking about something too intensely.

#1 is the unfortunate lack of female YouTubers doing film reviews

After finishing A Promising Young Woman this Saturday (you should really watch it, skip the trailer), all I wanted to do was to dig deeper into this movie. What I didn’t want was predominantly male reviewer perspective on it, which seemed as my only option…

I need to get something off my chest, all the time. Writing down what bothers you can do the trick, an advice I’ve largely ignored my entire life despite intuitively believing in its effectiveness. Here’s to not ignoring wise advice, de-bothering my brain weekly + writing more (for fun).

#1 is Scaffolding episode of How to with John Wilson

This master-class in metaphorical storytelling has been on my mind last week a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m back in NYC after a long break and I see scaffolding everywhere again (from my balcony! outside my coffee shop! it’s everywhere!). Maybe…

2020 was a complete disaster for avid movie goers like me. However, I had the privilege of watching one of the major cinematic events of 2020 — Christopher Nolan’s Tenet — at its scheduled IMAX theater premiere in September. After waiting for 2 weeks+ post premiere, my sister and I bought earliest tickets on the weekday and made it to the theater equipped with masks and big cups of strong coffee to process a potentially mind-bending movie. We were right to bring coffee, but it didn’t help.

Sometime mid-movie our brains refused attempts to track everything that was going on…

Bring your own glass, dammit.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but our newly adopted social drinking habits are generating too much plastic trash for absolutely no reason.

Walk around any neighborhood in New York and you’ll see the byproduct of restaurant industry’s lifeboat — drinks to go — everywhere. Single use plastic cups, lids and straws overflow trash cans around the city, congregate in the darker corners of the streets and around park benches, signaling that the idea of “don’t shit where you eat” hasn’t fully taken hold with our society just yet.

Realistically, we’re a dozen huge plastic garbage ocean islands…

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